A mix of Bowden Transport vans, flatbeds, straights truck parked with city of Toronto in background A mix of Bowden Transport vans, flatbeds, straights truck parked with city of Toronto in background


How We Help Growing Canadian Businesses

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How We Help Growing Canadian Businesses

Working with a trusted third-party logistics specialist takes your organization to the next level. Our team has a clear understanding of the challenges growing companies face in managing customer expectations and meeting distribution targets and can respond with customized solutions.

Our Clients Trust Bowden Transport for:

Shipping and Storage of Hazardous Materials

Our experience of several decades in the logistics industry means Bowden Transport is the key expert for shipping hazardous materials across North America. We’ve worked with chemical companies, manufacturers, and medical suppliers, among others, to ensure their materials arrive safe and sound at their destination. Each team member undertakes comprehensive training on hazardous material handling to ensure your products are secure at each stage in the delivery process.

Cost-Effective Supply Chain Solutions

We’ll help your company overcome any delivery obstacle in its path. We offer a full fleet of vehicles and highly skilled drivers, as well as access to an 85,000 square-foot warehouse. These resources ensure Bowden Transport is your trusted partner for cost-effective supply chain solutions, including all elements of transportation, distribution , and logistics.

The sheer scope of our services helps customers both reduce inventory storage costs and decrease expenditures related to running their own distribution centres.

The Latest Management Software

Owning and operating inventory management software can be a challenge for any growing retail company. The need to compete in the local market often means you can quickly fall behind on order fulfillment. We work with the latest inventory management software to help automate and streamline many of our warehousing processes. We’ve developed our working model to help ensure effective performance and reliable, secure delivery for our clients across North America.

Our Clients

Bowden Transport is proud to be a logistics partner for some of the most well-known brands across North America. Our roster of clients includes businesses in the following sectors:


The thriving North American housing market requires construction teams to source and access quality materials around the clock. We help our construction partners build a logistics process that means their projects can be finished on time and under budget.


We understand the demands faced by modern retail companies. Whether it’s managing your eCommerce infrastructure or competing with brands from around the globe - we support a range of retail processes. We’ve helped some of North America’s top brands create logistics networks that consolidate expenditures and drive value for their customers.

Chemicals Suppliers

Your logistics partner must have a comprehensive understanding of the safe handling and storage of hazardous materials. We deliver safe and cost-effective solutions to chemicals suppliers across the continent. From our highly secure warehouse, to the in-depth, regular training of our staff, each element of our service is designed to assure security and support for suppliers.

Bowden Transport the trusted transportation and warehousing service for growing organizations. To discover more about our work and current industry partners, please contact our team now.


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