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Bowden Transport: Excellence in Warehousing and Distribution Services

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Bowden Transport: Excellence in Warehousing and Distribution Services

When you are looking for a warehousing and distribution services provider in Ontario, you need the company to have a comprehensive understanding of the industry and of the challenges your company faces.

Bowden Transport has over 30 years of experience in managing warehousing and transportation challenges. We’ve worked with clients to support their full range of demands and to ensure their inventory is protected at each stage in the distribution process, from the manufacturing plant to the customer’s door.

Companies Turn to Us for:

Limited Contract Complexity

We understand that your demand might fluctuate. Your customers might require specific products throughout the winter they don’t need at other times of the year. Ensure the warehousing and distribution service you choose adapts with customer demand.

We can provide both short-term and long-term warehousing services to respond to your storage requirements with precision.

Distribution Center Services

We act as your complete distribution center so you can save money on stock within your inventory. In North America, the price of real estate continues to skyrocket and this places significant demands on companies as they manage their inventory. Those keeping a large inventory on-site are at a disadvantage compared with firms that remain agile in response to the dynamics of the marketplace.

Here at Bowden Transport, our facility is designed to accommodate all customer distribution demands.

We have the resources and the team to safely store and distribute a full range of products - from clothing to chemicals and everything in between. This means that when you think about warehousing you should consider Bowden Transport your trusted partner.

Full Inventory Visibility

When you’re operating a large-scale distribution system you should have real-time access to the data on your freight. Our experts at Bowden Transport harness the latest inventory management systems to provide you with clear data about your freight no matter where it is within the distribution process.

Each member of the team goes through extensive training using the inventory management system: when you speak with our managers, you’ll be speaking with a specialist who has up-to-date knowledge regarding your products and their location. It’s one way in which we support you and help you answer your customers’ product questions.

Cross North America Access

One of the core challenges facing growing companies across Canada is ensuring they can compete both at home and in the United States. Partnering with a cross-border logistics specialist such as Bowden Transport is the best next step to take for your company.

We work with transit partners in the U.S. to help ensure your freight is safely delivered to U.S. customers. Because our network includes some of the most reliable distribution companies across the continent, you can rest assured your freight is safe when you select Bowden Transport.

High-Level Security

We offer the most secure warehousing space in the region and go to great lengths to protect each product within our facilities.

From our innovative alarm technologies to our tracking solutions, each element of our services is designed to protect your products the moment they enter our possession. Also, each of the team members we employ, from our warehouse workers to our drivers, pass extensive security tests before their first shifts, ensuring each of your products is in the safest of hands.

Customized Services

Our warehousing and distribution services can be optimized and customized for your company and your evolving operational requirements.

Whether you require on-the-floor or racking options, storage of dry or HAZMAT materials, or have unique warehousing challenges, we can respond. That’s because not only do we operate one of the largest warehouses in the region, but we also employ experts in warehousing and distribution strategies in Ontario.

When you call Bowden Transport we’ll immediately go to work devising a solution that will support your company’s inventory management requirements and meet your needs well into the future.

How Bowden Saves You Money in Warehousing & Distribution Processes

Competing with your global counterparts requires you to reduce your warehousing and distribution costs to the lowest possible dollar amount. We understand this ever-more-complex challenge and that’s why we respond with dedicated services designed to consolidate your logistics expenditures.

We Help You Save Money with:

JIT Delivery

We’ll align your deliveries with your production schedules for cost-efficient inventory management. Our JIT services ensure there’s no wasted space on your site and your team consistently meets its productivity goals.

Cross-Border Freight Management

We handle all elements of the cross-border freight management process, transporting your goods into the U.S. safely and cost-effectively. Our border transit experts can help you reduce your shipping costs and ensure that each piece of freight is delivered at the lowest cost-per-delivery.

Quality Warehouse Management

Our trained warehouse management team helps protect your pallets from the moment they enter our facility. It’s how we reduce product damage and loss and make sure your company doesn’t have to turn to costly insurance services and replenish its inventory due to damages.

Our management systems provide your team with a complete line of sight over the pallets at each step in the process.

You’ll see the current location of your goods in real-time. So, when the goods leave our warehouse, you can inform the customer their delivery is on its way, and provide them with highly accurate arrival times. It’s yet another way we’re supporting growing businesses across North America.

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We’re here to help guide you in choosing a service that suits your organization and its warehousing and distribution service requirements for the years ahead. There’s no hard sell, no complex contracts. Our approach is to deliver exactly what you require with precision.

A qualified team of experts is standing by now to answer your questions. Call today to book your free consultation.


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