Third party logistics trucks and trailers parked outside of Bowden Transport warehouse Third party logistics trucks and trailers parked outside of Bowden Transport warehouse


North American 3PL Services for All Freight Requirements

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North American 3PL Services for All Freight Requirements

Your company depends upon a network of partners to help ensure the safe delivery of your freight across borders and through to your customers. Our team at Bowden Transport has decades of experience as a third-party logistics provider.

Our 3PL services are designed in direct response to the demand from our clients for streamlined logistics networks across the Canada/US border.

We work with our partners both in the United States and Canada to provide you with a comprehensive solution to your most challenging logistical requirements.

Our full suite of 3PL services includes:

Inventory Management

We offer an experienced team of inventory management professionals to help guide you in safeguarding your supplies and ensuring safe and fast transit to your customers.

Our comprehensive inventory management system combines warehousing, material handling, packaging, and distribution modules. The system’s role is as a key business tool protecting your goods throughout the supply chain.

We manage all elements of the inventory management process for you while providing you with real-time data on the location and condition of each package in our system.

The actionable data we provide allows you to make quick and effective decisions for your organization and ensures you’re continually moving forward in meeting company goals.

Our management system also allows you to check inventory levels so you can make choices in key production areas and effectively forecast potential demand long into the future.

Supply Chain Logistics

Whether you’re a large retailer operating multi-nationally or a growing local company building your base here in Ontario, your supply chain must be robust yet flexible.

One of the key challenges for growing companies is ensuring they conform to the latest regulations governing the retail supply chain industry. Larger orders must be met with a precise solution to ensure on-time delivery with freight in optimal condition. Only by working with a trusted supply chain logistics leader such as Bowden Transport can you truly ensure your company’s full range of demands is met.

We specialize in LTL and provide niche solutions to Canadian companies looking to compete across the North American business landscape. So whether you’re a growing online retailer or a small brick and mortar store, you can effectively meet the demands within your industry by turning to Bowden Transport.


Few companies can match Bowden Transport for the value provided by our warehousing space. We operate an 85,000 square foot facility, which features 28’ ceilings, racking, and both drive-in and dock level bay doors for ease of access.

The thoughtful design of our warehouse has helped us meet a full range of client requirements over our many years in the industry. Our facility can also be adapted to suit the evolving demands of the third-party logistics services market.

One of the key reasons so many companies now depend upon our services is that we offer both short and long-term storage. So we can respond to the rise and fall of demand within your industry, allowing your company complete control over its warehousing expenditures for the years ahead.

Bowden is also ready to deal with large and bulk items with the use of battery-powered tow motor vehicles. Harnessing the most powerful towing systems gives us the ability to quickly coordinate transportation of large freight and ensures a streamlined shipping process from the moment freight enters the facility to the moment it leaves for its destination.

Why Make Bowden Transport the Leading North American 3PL Partner?

Bowden Transport can be trusted to deliver the following through our third-party logistics services:

Real-time Data

Proactive companies make effective decisions based on actionable data provided in real-time. We streamline each element of the data delivery process so your team always has the right information at its disposal.

As a result, when you’re communicating with customers you can answer their questions with precision. Our inventory management system is at the hub of our data suite and assures a complete logistical picture.

Experienced 3PL Management

Each member of our management team has years of experience as a 3PL specialist. We’ve worked across North America in managing cross-border logistics processes and dealing with suppliers in both Canada and the U.S. Our seasoned team can resolve any 3PL challenge with precision while saving you time and money on freight transit.

Market-Leading LTL Expertise

Few companies have the expertise in LTL offered by Bowden Transport. We can get you the best prices on your less than truckload freight by working with our network of suppliers to manage the logistical process.

Our domestic road and intermodal service cover all Canadian provinces, so wherever you are in the country you’re supported by our experienced team at Bowden Transport. Whether you’re shipping by truck or by train we can find the right service at the right price for your organization and its customers.

Save money. Secure your freight. Partner with Bowden Transport today. Call now to book a consultation.


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